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please donate to an 8 year old girl attacked in a public library
a little girl's childhood dreams were shattered by a repeat library sex offender. 
sadly, her family must now seek donations to recover -- here's how to help

the support fund is still in need of more donations to help the child now and in the future.  donations to the family of the library assault victim can be dropped off at asian bank or the free library, independence branch, 18 s. seventh st., or a check can be mailed to:
asian bank -- the support fund
c/o asian bank
1008 arch st
philadelphia pa 19107

asian bank link.  bank accepting donations for the library assault victim. free library of philadelphia, independence branch link.  site of the attack. philadelphia city paper link.  news source helping the library assault victim the most.

"a homeless man who tried to rape an 8-year-old girl and left her for dead in the bathroom of a center city library has been sentenced to 35 to 70 years in prison. .... [at the independence branch of the free library, t]he girl was found unconscious and partially undressed, wedged between a toilet and a wall. she was hospitalized in critical condition. 'the violence of this crime is unspeakable. no words can describe what this little girl went through ... it was an unfinished murder,' assistant district attorney deborah harley told the judge. 'as soon as this little girl screamed, he grabbed her neck and squeezed what he thought was the life out of her. and then, when she was limp, he pulled down his pants, and pulled down her pants, and tried to rape her,' harley said. harley said the girl, now 9, continues to be unable to dress and feed herself and is afraid to be alone." 

(from man sentenced to 35-70 years for attacking girl in public library.)

"the 8-year-old girl can no longer sleep at night, unless her mother is lying next to her.  she's terrified of strangers.  and where she once averaged 90 percent to 93 percent on school tests, she now struggles to make a 60.

"the day of the incident was the last day [the girl's mother] worked.  ....  she was allowed to leave work, and for the next several days she remained at her daughter's hospital bedside as the little girl fought for her life.  they recall how her head was swollen and her eyes were bloodshot, an image they can't shake from their minds.  when the mother called her 'boss lady' a few days later, she was told she didn't have a job to come back to. she'd been fired for missing days of work.  to add insult to injury, when the girl's father went back to collect the mother's last wages, the 'boss lady' paid $22 for six-and-a-half hours of waitressing on a saturday, apparently shorting her of tips.  .... 

"as the mother describes the struggle of still looking for a job, her eyes redden and swell.  she begins to cry.  the job loss, compounded with the burden of her child's suffering, makes her weep often.  like the victim's father, she worked six days a week, but because they have very little money, the father could only take three days off before returning to work waiting tables and managing.  .... 

"never in their lives did they expect their family to encounter a situation like the one they now face.  .... 

"the money people have donated to their daughter is in a joint account and will be used for her education, if she wants that.  but, her parents say, it's also in case their daughter wants to move to a new city where no one will have heard of the story of the little girl who was assaulted and nearly killed in a library." 

(from shattered lives.)

at the court hearing where the father really saw the perpetrator for the first time, here's what happened, and here's another reason to help this family:

"a slight drizzle dampened their walk to the courthouse.  the father, speaking mandarin, answered questions from the officer:  his daughter was doing better but still acts fa piqi -- loses her temper and gets angry easily.  she's improving in school, scoring 70s instead of failing tests as she did upon her return.  still, she doesn't concentrate as well as she did before the attack.

"the father seemed visibly nervous, trying to remain strong and calm despite knowing he was about to confront the stranger who hurt his child in such an unimaginable way.  ....

"throughout the proceedings, the father remained stoic.  afterward, his eyes were bright red but there were no tears.  he sniffed a little.  'i'm relieved,' he offered.

"he said that when he first saw [the perpetrator] step into the courtroom, he was welling with emotion.  he said he was so livid he wanted to hit him but the police officer had cautioned him to restrain himself.  the father later recalled thinking he saw [the perpetrator] on television news reports when he first turned himself in but he was never able to associate that tv image with the man who attacked his daughter.  'my head wasn't quite right,' he explained.  'i was traumatized before.  now that i see him in front of me, i recognize him.'

"after leaving the courtroom, the father was finally able to turn on his cell phone.  the phone immediately rang.  it was his little girl.  she wanted to know when he would be back.  he hadn't told her where he was going.  the father gently comforted his daughter, telling her he'd be home soon.  it seems like she still needs her daddy around to protect her." 

(from justice served.)

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this web page is designed, created, and hosted by plan2succeed's citizen's group as one of its contributions toward improving the lives of the crime victims involved.  the group's main goal is raising awareness about the need to get the american library association [ala] and local public libraries to respect the law so that children stop being hurt by people using public libraries to view internet pornography, especially now that the us supreme court has decided that internet filters are not censorship and do not violate the first amendment.  (see united states et. al. v. american library association, inc., et. al., no. 02-361, syllabus and opinion of the court.  argued march 5, 2003-decided june 23, 2003.)

checks and donations for the little girl and her family can be mailed directly to asian bank -- the support fund, 1008 arch st., philadelphia, pa 19107.

our group treats others with respect and dignity, valuing individual, cultural, and religious differences.  we take no public position with respect to the criminals involved in public library crimes, the sexuality of those criminals or of the librarians, the issues involving sexuality of any kind, or the definition of pornography.  our main goal is the protection of children from criminal activity in public libraries or from sexualization by inappropriate and illegal material that would not have otherwise occurred or been available to the children but for the ala's intentional involvement in skirting legally sound reasoning and constitutionally approved internet computer filters.  we seek ala adherence to existing law, nothing more, nothing less.  everything we write on our web site is our opinion.

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