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revised 3-part library series

part 1 library revision

august 7, 2005

from original (thurs.� feb. 12, 2004)


subject: re: library porn--part 1


subject:  something to consider with rape of 8 year old in pa library!

refocus attack on libraries!
attn: all pro-family leaders

i've been involved in the library fight for over 18 years!  i served as a library trustee in oak lawn, illinois for 6 years; voted consistently against the library bill of rights, and educated many in illinois about the dictatorial nature of the ala and its intellectual freedom office run by judith krug.  i went nationwide with the filthy library book, "show me," available everywhere with the result of seeing congress pass a new stiff child porn law.  i was in the rose garden when president reagan signed the bill into law!  many leaders helped me with this fight!  i did nothing alone!

(library problem)
the ala library bill of rights has set in motion the attack on the little girl in a pennsylvania library in 2004!  how:  point 5 of the library bill of rights says in effect any person may have access to anything and may not be denied access because of origin, age, background, views.(note: this point took away a child's library card and treated children like adults!)


the ala and many librarians across the country today hold to the ala�s library bill of rights interpretation that porn is acceptable in libraries and only obscene library material as decreed by a court of law will be forbidden in the collection and on the internet.  hence all the filth!

(see the public library for what it is)
to your surprise, you may not realize the public library is a very low branch of government!  it is funded by federal, state and local taxes.  buildings are paid for by taxes and all library salaries come from budgets of local village, town and state, federal taxes.  books, computers, and other materials are bought with tax dollars.  in illinois the head librarian is the secretary of state in office at the time.  what i'm saying is this: 
you and i, the citizens, own libraries just like we own the schools and every other public government building!  librarians are our public servants (though not elected) as is every other public official in office and are answerable to us!  make no mistake about this!

(strategy taken by some pro-family groups)
the cry by various pro-family parents is to have internet filters in libraries.  while this is good and is meeting with limited success, it is not addressing the explicit written porn being found in the children�s section and elsewhere.�� furthermore those having succeeded with filters may be unaware of the written porn and think the battle over libraries is won.� however the porn seekers will still use the internet where filters are not permanent and head to the library shelves searching for the written porn. these then can prey on the boy/girl or woman when the addiction needs to be vented. also children themselves will be hurt emotionally and psychologically if they find explicit sensual material placed on the shelves by librarians.


(new strategy to consider�see with new eyes!)
pro-family groups need to unite and call all public (government) librarians to task. 
we can take back our libraries with a campaign of parents going with their children to go to the local library and turning in their child�s library card. � a press conference can be held where parents tear up the library card of their little children (5-8).� since libraries claim (falsely) that they do not act �in loco parentis,� the parents need to act to protect their little child when entering a library committed to placing written porn on the shelves and more explicit porn on the internet!  if children need to use the library or want books, a parent can use his/her card to insure the innocence of children is not destroyed by unwanted explicit material available anywhere in the library.

if we put the same united pressure on the ala and libraries as was done with abercrombie and the super bowl fiasco, the house of cards holding up the library bill of rights and all the nonsense of the past 40 years will fall.  (note: 
no one gave the ala its power - we the people are letting them run away and rule our libraries as unelected agents in the same way our judges and courts are doing.


it's time we look with new eyes and see a library for what it truly is!  with the internet and other explicit information available to anyone, is it now time for us all to unite?  parents have the power!  i believe this strategy will work if there is one strong voice.  once the back is broken we can again have a library fit for all and with common sense limits necessary for a decent society to function!  may god awaken more and more parents, citizens, pro-family leaders and elected officials to see the absolutist nature of the american library association and its self-designed library bill of rights operating in a system answerable to no one!

let us go forward so no other child is molested in our local libraries!

thank you!

revised 3-part library series

part 2 library revision

aug. 7, 2005

from original (dec. 11, 2004)



subject: refocus attack on libraries-part 2


refocus your attack on libraries

part 2

in part 1 of the information on libraries i explained how the public (gov�t) library will make porn available regardless of its content so long as a us court has not ruled the material to be obscene. this is based on one interpretation of the ala library bill of rights.


in this part i will offer more insight into what i believe is largely responsible for the attack on the 8yr old in a pennsylvania library in 2004.


the call for filters in libraries is sporadically mitigating the porn on the internet in the local library but will leave untouched the written porn. therefore, i am convinced an avalanche of action by card-carrying library citizens is needed to change libraries permanently.� my reasons for this follow below.


picture if you will a barking dog wagging it tail!� in my humble opinion the call for filters is the wagging tail aimed at the protecting the child while the animal (the ala and the library system) barks louder and louder.� we need to tame the barking dog -namely the� american library association, its library bill of� rights, its many so-called official interpretations of the library bill of rights, its agenda (yes there is one), and� its censorship ploy and� supra rights established in law (at least in illinois) to give librarians rights no one else has!


ala library bill of rights


focus in part i touched upon point 5 of the ala library bill of rights giving everyone including minor children the right to get any and all information in the library.

now i will draw attention to other points in the ala library bill of rights.



ala bill of rights point 2 and 3


point 2 speaks of providing all points of view on current and historical issues and not proscribing or removing for partisan and doctrinal disapproval any materials.


point 3 speaks to challenging censorship and the responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.


while both points seem reasonable, i discovered in the 1980s how unbalanced a library�s collection could be.� touted were pushes for feminism, abortion, sexual freedom, era, homosexuality and probably more! �national conferences/conventions and ala leaders knew what they wanted in the library in the same way the nea been pushing its agenda in our public schools! today, with the internet, the question of a balanced collection may be different�but not when i was in the fray. the library shelf collection today is probably still slanted in favor of the agenda of ala key issues.


censorship- the ala�s bait and switch shell game


every fall the ala has its annual �banned book� listing!� anyone who formally (meaning in writing) requests a book be removed and pursues this with the library board of trustees is automatically labeled a �censor.� �the ala has in place the step by step procedures for handling these �censors.� by labeling a person, like me, a censor and making the issue a 1st amendment question for debate and scrutiny in the public eye, the �censor� is locked in a fierce argument with the army of ala backers including the aclu, playboy lawyers, average citizens, etc., who don�t want their 1st amendment right stripped in the local library.� this ploy leaves the inexperienced, lonely �censor� in the bait and switch game of citizens engaged in a �my rights vs. your rights� battle. as the argument makes the rounds on radio, tv, and newspaper, the library escapes the heat and the two sides become the issue �


when there is a justified reason to question a book (e.g., �show me�) for being in the children�s section of the local library, the heated debate may force the library to create its own in-house committee to review the material. �(note: there is never an independent review of the questioned material but the review is by librarians who are pledged to support the library bill of rights.� once reviewed a recommendation may be given to the board of trustees for action.� in our local library because of the books questioned while i was on the board, the trustees gave full authority to the hired library director to resolve the issue. but the end result predictably is: the material stays and is not removed unless there is a legal liability for the library, which is rare.


ignored in the debate is the librarian who put the book on the shelf.� the process of putting books on the shelf in library circles is called �selective review.�� but in reality censorship may be taking place in the local library if the librarian is stacking the shelves with the ala�s agenda. �by labeling everyone who questions the �selective review� process a �censor,� the librarian escapes the label and can continue to stack the shelves in favor of the ala issues expressed at their annual meetings!


supra rights for librarians


this last point will only be discussed from the law in illinois.� according the illinois obscenity law, librarians have the right not to be prosecuted for distributing harmful materials deemed to be legitimately �scientific� or �educational.� when i was fully on engaged in the library problem, objectionable items could be found in the �sex education� section.� the �show me� book was one such item.� if a teacher or park district employee used material of this nature, they could possibly be prosecuted but not the librarian.�


hopefully, the reader now sees how the librarian, a public servant, schooled in the ala library bill of rights and its interpretations, has 100% control of the library leaving the voice of the citizen null and void and nowhere to turn when trying to remove or stop tax-supported porn. the maze of control by the ala has stopped all legitimate efforts to bring a common sense limit to the library collection housed with our tax dollars.


with children are being subjected to library porn isn�t it time to wage a campaign against libraries and the ala?� the same public pressure used against abercrombie & the super bowl fiasco can also be brought to bear against libraries.�


by exposing the ala and its self-designed library bill of rights, citizens will learn the absolute control librarians have selecting tax-funded materials, many of which are unfit for the library.� citizens will also discover how registering a formal complaint against porn is useless if the ala library bill of rights is operating in the local library.  library filth is hurting is our children, families and community, and a common plan of action is necessary to stop the porn flooding the library.�


only when parents understand the necessity of turning in their little children's library card and boycotting the library will a stinging message be sent to the ala and head librarians that we the people will not accept porn on the shelf or on the internet. then and only then will no child be vulnerable to attack like the 8 year old in pennsylvania in 2004.


the little 8-year-old girl attacked in pa deserves this action and so does every child in america!� enough is enough!


thank you!


former library board member




�august 7, 2005

part 3 library revision

august 7, 2005 (from original dec. 11, 2005)





subject: re: library porn--part 3


refocus on libraries�part 3

key to success


points to consider:

1) filters

2) your library�a business!!

3) boycott libraries�a difficult but effective tool to stop porn 


1) filters


as stated previously, filters in libraries are a stopgap measure causing librarians many headaches.� although filters can prevent little children from seeing porn, they may not stop anyone14 years and olderfrom viewing it in the library. �likewise, filters fail to address the increasing placement of porn on the shelves.


i wonder how parents will respond to their 14-15-16-17 year old teens viewing, copying or imitating porn in the library?� or how parents will feel if teens who like porn begin to spend more and more time in the library?� or how parents will react to the library card confidentiality clause preventing mom or dad from ever knowing whether their jr. high and/or high school teens are accessing porn on the library computer or on the shelves?� these are serious matters that can�t be overlooked.

furthermore if �adult� patrons and walk-ins can readily access porn, won�t women and children still be prone to attack?


2) the library�a business


by definition, a library is a place containing books and other material for reading, study, or reference.


but i suggest we look with new eyes and see the library as a business with a boss (the library director), employees (librarians) and products (books, videos, dvds) all available to its customers (the library patrons).� every library has an annual budget (our taxes) and each department head is responsible for spending his/her part of the tax budget to keep customers coming back to the store (library).�


libraries in our nation are concerned about how viable they will be in the public arena in upcoming years.  it was a concern in the 80s and even more so now with the information highway.


if your local library is like mine, it is always being updated, enlarged and recreated to stay abreast with the changing community it serves.� when records were the rage, libraries created a record collection. �when videos came on the scene, libraries housed a video collection. �today the library may have a reading center with coffee and rolls! �the local library, just like every other business, is always competing for its share of the pie.


the business side of the library is the engine driving the budget and the products patrons see in their local library every day.� and it is precisely the business side of the ledger (or the $$$$) that must be lost to effect the change pro-family groups and parents want in the war against porn and ala library agenda being pushed across the country.


3)    the boycott

history has shown that one way to effect change in a nationwide business venture unresponsive to an unjust dangerous situation is to boycott that venture.�


abercrombie caved in because of the full press court against them.teens returned clothes. �parents returned clothes.  a phone campaign to boycott was successful and pro-family groups got their ducks in order.� the same strategy was used against cbs and the super bowl fiasco. �even general motors began backing down and pulling an offensive tv commercial when it felt the heat.


shouldn�t the library feel the same heat with a head to head attack on the library system spreading porn to children and others?


if only the filter strategy is used, it will be seen as one way to quiet the masses while doing business as usual with written porn.  


what will stop the porn business in the local library?� will it be filters?� will it be a sporadic group of citizens in illinois, pennsylvania or elsewhere?� will it be a few new trustees on a library board? �will it be one or two arrests?� will it be a lawsuit?


what will make the ala and all the local community libraries take notice? �to my way of thinking it is the good ole fashioned pressure, and the best pressure is a nationwide boycott.


since libraries are no longer child-friendly or family-friendly, one and only one thing can change this situation�stop using the library and stop sending innocent children into a library environment hostile and dangerous to their lives!


six years on the library board has taught me just how important numbers, volume and usage of the library are in justifying a budget and seeking tax revenue increases!� when the number of children and other patrons using the library drops significantly in community after community, the local librarian will call for the ala and the library bill of rights to be modified and changed!� the collection and computer access will begin to change and porn will be no more!


every social change comes with people united in a common cause!� to change the libraries in our country, we need people united� with the message


porn no moreporn no more

we�re staying away�til there is porn no more!


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