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city's ed. boobs
by carl campanile
october 13, 2003 -- exclusive

the three r's in education were almost racy, raunchy and risqué.

embarrassed city department of education officials yanked an eye-popping book from 371 middle and high schools because it contains sexually graphic material - including crude street language - that somehow landed on the recommended reading list for students.

the 300-page book - "deal with it! a whole new approach to your body, brain and life as a gurl" (pocket books) - has chapters called "the boob files," "what's up down there" and "mystery in your panties."

department spokeswoman margie feinberg said the sexual primer was mistakenly put on the list of suggested classroom library books and was delivered to schools. but she emphasized that the book was ordered removed before classes started last month because it was deemed inappropriate for adolescents to read.

among the specific topics discussed include: "sex is play," "to lose it or not to lose it," "the first time," "why do girls like girls" and "coming out."

topics also include how to perform anal sex, oral sex and group sex.

the book also discusses how to prevent being a victim of rape, incest and molestation. there's cartoon-like presentation of breasts, the vagina and the penis

some of the advice about girls' breasts: "boobs get a lot of attention . . . when boobs start popping up left and right, they can be hard to ignore."

the authors call masturbation the "ultimate safe sex" and say while it's not talked about as much, girls play with their private parts as much as boys. there's also discussion of sex toys.

it tweaks the "double standard" in society that it's ok for boys to have premarital sex, but not girls.

parents were outraged.

"who was the genius who purchased this book? didn't they look at the book before they ordered? this shows they don't know what the hell they're doing," said queens parent carmen santana, whose 12-year-old attends middle school.

"it's disgusting. it's so insulting. it uses ghetto language."

even students were surprised that the popular teen book made the public school reading list.

"some of it is x-rated. only mature people should read it," said christina rosario, 17, a senior at stevenson hs in the bronx who bought her own personal copy at a bookstore.

"it talks about sex and all the positions."

frank wang, a student at the hs for environmental studies, said the book was ok for high-school kids, but not middle-schoolers. "they tend to be immature with these things," he said.

the authors of "deal with it!," esther drill, heather mcdonald and rebecca odes, are creators of the web site that discusses many of the same issues.

the book also has tips about dealing with family, money and drugs, and "sucky emotions."

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